My Story

I've tried it all before

I am sure I tried everything you have tried. Rocking, bouncing, soother, swing, co-sleeping, nursing to sleep, driving, white noise, music, keeping my baby awake to get him extremely tired and of course reading. 

How I became a Child Sleep Coach and Consultant…

My name is Rhea Ramjohn and I now believe in the importance of sleep.  When our son was born, he never slept well in his crib, but slept well in my arms or beside me in bed. We relied on his swing  most of the time but also experimented with other contraptions in order to get a few hours of rest. It was our easy solution! My son ended up sleeping with us until he was approximately three to four years old. This was unacceptable behaviour and this unhealthy sleeping habit had to change. Unfortunately, we had no help, no solutions, no one. I truly felt alone. 

When our second baby was born, we were determined to get her sleeping in her crib. Right from  the hospital to her bassinet, we were happy to have her sleeping well. Three months later things changed...for the worse. Desperate nights called for our easy solution, the swing! Once again, we found ourselves recreating the life we once dreaded. Sleep deprivation and mood swings began to enter our home. I knew I had to make a change before I began to change, mentally and physically. I found that reading as many books as I could, searching the internet, asking friends and family for advice, did not help but rather made things worse. 

As I read books, I found that they all confused me but in some way made a little sense. So, by gathering data and going with what made sense to me, I can tell you that within nights and days of following my own customized sleep process, my daughter was sleeping in her CRIB for several hours, then succeeded to 11 -12 hours every night! Along with my sleep notes, her day time naps became consistent and naturally longer. It was truly a blessing, she learned to read my cues and began developing skills of self-soothing so that she could fall asleep independently! 

I have first hand experience of what a child's behaviour is like with unhealthy sleeping habits compared to a child who has developed  healthy sleeping habits. This incredible transformation made such a positive impact on my life and family, that I have dedicated my professional  career to helping other parents in Edmonton and area, solve their children's sleep problems. YOU are not alone and everything you are going through is very common. I am here to help guide, provide you with the education and confidence to bring back optimal sleep in your home. Believe me when I say that I may have experienced what you may be currently going through. I would love to talk more about my personal experiences and where I came from with sleep deprivation and my children because I am sure we have a lot in common.

Since August 2012, I created Zenful Baby Sleep with a goal  to help as many families as I possibly can. I am seriously passionate about what I do because I can get results and help parents achieve sleep goals they are looking for. Please take a look over at the Success Stories and Testimonials page, I promise you they are all valid and true from families I have personally worked with. Your success is my success, so let's work together and make a difference!