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Zenful Baby Sleep has increased our quality of life...... 

 Deciding to start my son’s sleep journey with Zenful Baby Sleep was a big decision for my family.  I knew my son needed it more than ever but I had major anxiety that in order to get him sleeping through the night  the sleep plan would have to be really intense, stressful and overly challenging as he was nursing and co-sleeping at  13 months old. The only way my son would sleep would be if he was nursed or bottle fed to sleep and when he woke at night  he again would need to be nursed to fall back to sleep. Meeting with Rhea for the first time was nerve racking as I was  fearful she was going to tell us everything we had done “wrong” up until this point when in fact it was the opposite,  she was so understanding of why we used our current method, she took the time to get to know our family’s needs, she  let us decide what sleep plan would make us the most comfortable and work best for our family. I felt in control the whole  time; she was so motivating and supportive throughout the entire process. She gave me the confidence I needed to trust that  her systems would work and she guaranteed her services until we reached our goal.  My son, for the first time since he was born  is now sleeping through the night 7pm-7am and the best part of it all was that it took ONE night to get him on track and we now  have a very “Zenful” consistent sleep routine that we follow every night which is enjoyable for everyone. I seen changes in my  son, right away he was a happier baby during the day and eating better as well. I am so happy I made the decision to enlist her services, Zenful Baby Sleep has increased our quality of life and I feel good knowing my son is getting the rest he needs for his growth and development.  

Thanks Rhea…..Truly a life saver!!

- Kelly, Cam and Cohen
Edmonton, AB

Rhea came to us highly recommend by a friend.... 

We met with Rhea for our younger son's sleep training. Lucas was 6.5 months old when we started the sleep training program.   At the beginning, I honestly had my doubts about this journey.  Our story may sound very familiar to what other families have gone through. Lucas didn't like to go bed by himself.  I had to nurse him until he fell asleep. When we moved him to his own room & crib it was almost  impossible.  He would wake up 6-7 times a night.  It got to the point were I couldn't do anything during the day, I was totally  exhausted and grumpy.

Rhea came to us highly recommend by a friend.    During our first consultation, she listened to our concerns and situation, and gave us lots useful life long tips and a method.    She is always positive and very calm.  I got a really good feeling from her and put our hope and trust on this training journey.    We followed the plan specially designed for Lucas and as Rhea had notified us...the first night was tough, but by the 2nd night we   already noticed the change in Lucas.  Lucas got up only twice!!!  I stopped night time feeding just like that, and by the 3rd night he   slept through the night and didn't even cry when I put him down!!  My energy and mood during the day improved immediately.    We started nap training the 2nd week once night time training was a success.  We strictly followed the plan and now Lucas sleeps an   average of 12 hours at night, and two (2hour) naps during the day.  He is always happy and eating well. :)  We are so glad we did this sleep training early and gave all of our trust to Rhea.

Rhea, thank you for all of your support and for being there anytime I needed advice or had doubts.    We really appreciate the change you helped us make, and the life long self soothing skill you taught Lucas.

- Rachel Elliott
Edmonton, AB

The first night he slept 10 hours straight!....
I tell everyone about Rhea....

I cannot give Rhea and her program enough praise! Before reaching out to Zenful Baby Sleep, my 5 month old at the time went  from sleeping 2-6 hours, waking up every 2-4 hours to now sleeping 10+ hours straight with one feeding at night, then back to sleep.  He is now napping during the day which used to be very random and included a lot of crying/screaming. The only way I could get my baby  to sleep would be breastfeeding or rocking for an hour or longer which was extremely exhausting and hard on me. Now we have a bedtime  routine and he goes to bed and he's asleep within minutes. It has been about a month since I started and I see a huge difference. My son  is a much happier baby which means me and my husband are happier as well! I have time to myself and enjoy my time with my son even more  now that I am more rested.

In all honesty, I thought things would never get better and that I would never sleep again. But then I found Rhea's website! Rhea  has helped me learn ways to help teach my son to self soothe and put himself back to sleep without a soother, breast, or bottle!  The first night he slept 10 hours straight! We kept in contact through the entire journey. She was great at checking in and validating  what was going on and when I had doubts she was always there to answer my questions and give advice.  

I tell everyone about Rhea and how much her program has helped not only my son sleep but my whole family. I am a happier person  because of it too!

- Angela.K
Edmonton, AB

second night our son went to bed in his own crib without a peep and started sleeping longer stretches!....  

My son was 4.5 months old when we finally admitted we needed help and reached out to Rhea as our sleep coach. I thought I could walk this journey on my own as I did with my daughter. My son was a different story. Through some complications we  ended up creating bad habits that eventually led to co sleeping, nursing to sleep, naps only in the car seat, and waking every 2 hours  at night. It was exhausting and not getting sleep was taking a toll on us in every area of our life. Rhea came within a couple days of  hiring her and we started our sleep journey. She was with us each step of the way and kept telling us it was going to be difficult but so  worth it. The first night was rough but Rhea encouraged us to stick to the plan and we had committed to follow through, so we did. By the  second night our son went to bed in his own crib without a peep and started sleeping longer stretches! Now he sleeps by 7pm and starts his  day at 7am and has 2 solid naps a day.

Rhea guided us and then gave us the confidence to problem solve on our own and is still available if  things come up. We're so grateful to her and for sleep.

It is so worth it to see my happy baby even happier! Thank you Rhea!

- Martha.T
Edmonton, AB 

As a result she was brighter eyed and more responsive.... 

I used to think that mothers whose babies slept well were lying to make me feel bad and incompetent as a mother.  In reality, my baby was sleep deprived because I didn't know how to put my baby to sleep without letting her cry and feeling  like an even more incompetent mother.  I thought that the more you snuggled, held and consoled your baby when they cried at night,  it was a badge of honour that you wore. Also, I felt like the sleep deprivation for both baby and I would magically go away... I  was highly mistaken.

My baby was 3 months old when a photographer recommended I check out Rhea's Facebook page on how to sleep train your baby.   I thought it was very strange that someone would want to train their baby to sleep and in my mind I thought it was just a myth.   I kept telling myself that after 3 months my baby will want to sleep longer. It didn't happen!  Then at 4 months I convinced myself  that this was the month that she would start sleeping better. Again, she didn't change her sleep patterns.  After Christmas when she  was approaching 5 months, my husband and I were exhausted and hopeless.  I felt a little voice inside me say... Hey just check out that  sleep training page... What's the harm in trying, so I did it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rhea on January 6th.  She came to my house and was extremely personable, patient and informative.  What I loved about her approach was that she had loads of empathy and didn't judge my bad habits.  At the same time she was there to  correct me and give me the right tools so that my family could function.  She walked me through the process and encouraged me to do the same going forward.  The first 3 nights were really tough.  My husband reassured me that it will be short term pain for long term gain. He was so right!!!

Every day my baby showed me that she liked going to bed and that the routine was exactly what she needed.   As a result she was brighter eyed and more responsive.  I was the one that was depriving her of her sleep because I didn't know any  better.  It was like what Rhea told me on the first day, that she will look forward to going to sleep!   Now almost 2 months into Rhea's program, my baby tells me when her bed time is and it's always consistent.   Some nights she practically jumps into her bed, grabs her stuffy and coo's herself to sleep.   My sweet baby is now sleeping independently, without any sleeping crutches and is sleeping for 12 hrs at a time.

The quality of my family's time has been restored and my little princess has taught me that she is smart enough to adapt to  any new routine that I introduce into her schedule.  I am so grateful for Rhea and her sleep coaching.  It has been an absolute delight and I hope other mothers who are going through  the same thing as I did really see the importance of sleep for them and their babies.


- Erim and Mary Elliyah
Edmonton, AB

Although night time sleeping came very easy to Brody the nap training proved to be....
Our nine month old son Brody went through a regression in his sleeping patterns after we traveled internationally.  We found him to suddenly be waking up every 2 hours overnight for no apparent reason which was extremely frustrating to  us as parents. Not only that but Brody had never been a great napper, sleeping for only 28-35 minutes randomly throughout  the day and waking up still tired and very cranky.

We contacted Rhea with Zenful Baby sleep and our email was returned promptly. She was very polite and professional and we were  able to set up our initial meeting within a few days of starting communication with her, which was great...we were desperate!

Rhea set us up a sleep program specifically for Brody and we focused first on getting him to sleep through the night.  On the second night of our program Brody slept for 11 hours with no night wakings....the first time EVER! It was exciting but  we found ourselves up several times anyways as sleeping soundly through the night was so new!

Although night time sleeping came very easy to Brody the nap training proved to be quite difficult, as Rhea had forewarned us.  Throughout the process I found myself as a mother very flustered and emotionally upset when things didn't go smoothly and my  little guy spent more time crying in his crib than napping! Rhea was very receptive to my concerns and emotions and was  tremendously supportive in return. She advised us well and on a weekly basis changed up our plan in response to Brody's  successes and failures of the previous week until we found a napping strategy that clicked. Rhea ended up extending her  services for an additional three weeks to allow Brody sufficient time to transition from a problem napper to now sleeping  twice a day, at predictable times and for an hour or more each nap.

I was doubtful that the naps would come as it seemed we had more failure than success when nap training initially started  but Brody is now a great sleeper and we couldn't be more pleased with how far he has come with a great sleep plan from  Zenful Baby Sleep, the encouragement of our coach and consistency in our parenting.

- T & J
Edmonton, AB

"it has been an amazing journey for us......" 

We have been over the moon with your services and have been telling our success story a lot.

Prior to beginning our sleep training journey, we had a baby boy that would not sleep anywhere but in somebody's arms. At 5 months, Ethan had never slept longer than 3 hours continuously and the whole family was in need of a change.  We are so happy that we came across Rhea, as it has been an amazing journey for us. It definitely took some hard work and  effort but having Rhea support us throughout his sleep journey really helped us to keep on track and got us through the hard times. It took about 3 weeks to get our boy on track with naps and although at the time it felt long - we look back now hardly  remembering the process. The results are that our baby Ethan, now sleeps from 7pm to 6:30am and takes two naps of roughly 1.5 hours each.....IN HIS OWN CRIB!!!!!

Everyone is happier and well rested!  -- Thank you Rhea, for your advice and continuous support!

- H.C
Edmonton, AB

"everybody in our household is a lot happier"...... 

I was introduced to Rhea, through our local Mommy Connections and it couldn't have come at a better  time. I was starting to think I would never get a full night sleep again, as my 8 month old had been getting up 3 times a night  religiously and having random cat naps through the day. I didn't know what to do and thought nothing was going to work.  I explained my long list of issues with Rhea, all to find out these were common problems and I wasn't alone. She gave me a few  simple tips and explained some methods and believe it or not, the first night was 11 hours of continuous sleep!!! 

From that day on I've committed to following the program and we've never looked back. I never realized how important sleep was  till I started having the evenings to myself and a full nights rest. My only regret is not starting sooner, everybody in our  household is a lot happier and my relationship with my husband couldn't be stronger.

Thanks Rhea, for all that you've done for  our family.

- Erin
Leduc, AB

“I saw improvements within two nights and by the fourth night......”

 When I came across Rhea on Facebook with Zenful Baby Sleep’s success story, I thought it was too good to be true! I was one desperate momma, after 8 long months of being sleep deprived. I was either nursing Liam to sleep or co-sleeping, which my husband didn’t agree with. (I was nervous in bringing my baby to sleep with us in bed, but I was so exhausted I found it to be an easier solution). 

The first three months he would be wide awake until 1am and even then he slept for a short period of time. Most days I found myself sleeping with my son during the daytime or taking him for a long car ride just to get him to sleep. I would also limit myself to places where I could push him in the stroller for a nap. I was told many times to let my baby learn to fall asleep, but of course being a first time momma I hated hearing my baby cry and would pick him up or rock him. I tried other methods before meeting with Rhea, who has helped in so many ways possible. My son Liam is just about 8 months now and since we started his sleep program 8 days ago we have noticed a great change in our lives. I know how hard it can be on a marriage when you are sleep deprived. My husband is amazing and I am truly grateful for everything we share. Being tired takes a lot out of everyone and we found arguing became easier. We have since been able to spend way more time together. We have been able to eat dinner together, which I could count on one hand how many times we had been able to do that since Liam was born. Things are better than ever.      

It feels nice knowing that once Liam is in bed for the night, I have time to catch up on chores, relax with my husband and get things ready for my next day. This also works very well with my husband’s schedule as he works out of town.  I used to never seem to have the time to accomplish these things before. Liam was always a happy baby but I have been told by many friends and family how much happier he is now that he is more rested. Rhea also helped me wean Liam from nursing during the night. There were nights Liam would only get 4 – 5 hours of sleep but now, he is self-soothing to sleep for a full 12 hours. I was nervous to start Liam on a sleep plan but kept strong and committed. Following the clear detailed plan I saw improvements within two nights and by the fourth night he was sleeping 12 hours. I am proud to say my son, Liam is in bed by
7:00 pm and awakes a happy baby by 7:00 am. I was so surprised and happy to see his success.  Each day it gets better and better. 

I have learned many things and am truly grateful for Rhea’s help and her continuous support through emails and phone calls.  I would refer her to anyone. 

- Meagan
Spruce Grove, AB

"seemed he was just waiting for  us to stop interfering with his sleep!......"

'My husband was doubting at first that a sleep coach could help and was necessary - but boy does he brag about our good  little sleeper now and say it was the best investment we could have made!    When our son Miles was 6.5 months old we decided it was time to move him from his bassinet in our room to a crib in his own  room. We were all getting enough sleep when he was in our room but when we moved him to his own crib it was a different story. We would rock him to sleep every night only to have him wake up every 45 minutes then take over an hour to soothe back to sleep. Even feedings wouldn't soothe him - some he refused and even when he nursed he was wide awake. After two weeks of almost no sleep we were desperate. We tried some sleep training on our own but it was difficult to know if we were doing the right things -  there is so much contradicting advice out there, and we weren't seeing results after a few nights of trying on our own.  Finally, I decided to search out a sleep consultant.  I was relieved just to talk to Rhea and book our appointment asap.  When Rhea came to our house she helped us come up with a consistent bedtime routine. We decided to drop night time feedings  and the soother that night. I was doubtful Miles would take to these changes quickly, but it seemed he was just waiting for  us to stop interfering with his sleep! The first night he basically slept through the night 10 hours with only one wakeup  where he put himself to sleep! We were amazed.   After that it was the same. Now, our baby consistently sleeps 12 hours a night uninterrupted. He barely protests when he  gets put to bed. We recently went on a 10 day trip and Miles still slept through the night 12 hours every night in a playpen.  Everyone compliments us on how happy our son is but I know its because we take him places well rested!  I can see the  difference it makes when he doesn't get enough sleep and I believe helping your little one get enough sleep is the best  thing you can do for your baby. My husband and I have our evenings back and we can easily go out in the evenings with a  babysitter knowing Miles will be asleep the whole time. The price was small compared to the long-lasting results we have.  We are all much happier! '   I will gladly recommend you to any Mommy friends I know that need a sleep consultant!

Leduc, AB

"in bed for 7:30 pm each night"......

Before starting the Sleep Training for my 14 month old daughter, she was not going to bed before 9 pm and when I would put her  down she needed to be nursed to sleep. She would constantly wake throughout the night wanting to be nursed. After going through  the training with Rhea, my daughter now has a set bedtime routine and is in bed for 7:30 pm each night. She no longer needs to  be nursed to sleep but instead is placed in her crib awake and soothes herself to sleep. She rarely wakes in the night now and  when she does she is able to soothe herself back to sleep without my intervention. The sleep training has allowed me to have time  to myself in the evenings and to allow myself to sleep more sound throughout the night! I am so glad I went through the program  with Rhea :) 

- Tamara
Edmonton, AB

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